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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Hi there, and thanks for joining! I'd like to start this first post with a little introduction to what you can expect from Hopeful Ana. As I've mentioned in the "About me" section, this whole project started off as a creativity dump that I took up as a hobby on Instagram back in 2019 when Covid first hit and like every other gen z I started posting what I thought were aesthetically pleasing pictures on Instagram. To be honest I have been taking pictures since I got my first Nintendo and learned to use the little drawing feature to add sparkles on top of my images. I've always been very creative and loved to do things like taking pictures, home movies and all types of crafts growing up. I don't know if it is something about becoming older but personally I feel like I have totally neglected those hobbies of mine that still bring me a lot of joy, so Hopeful Ana is a way I'm moving towards fixing that.

Unfortunately it seems like it has taken a series of bad events in my life in the past three years for me to come to my senses and actually do more of what I like instead of being in the grey area of existing not being neither there nor here and just going with the flow. I have gone through some pretty rough patches recently, I've had serious problems with my health, I've had the most surreal and horrendous university experience you could possible imagine, my dog was put down without my consent and most recently I've ended a toxic relationship. However, I think the curse has finally been broken as each day I feel more and more like my old self, I feel as if I've come out of a massive brain fog and that I'm slowly yet surely gaining back the control. In the last two weeks I have been decluttering myself, my life as well as my possessions since (shockingly really) I am to move to Paris in early August. But more on that later...

I am a big dreamer, always have been and hope to always be. My surname actually translates to "Hopeful" from Finnish and I think it is true what they say that hope is always the last to die. Actually I've always liked that saying but my mother has an even better one that roughly translated from Russian means "morning is wiser than the evening" which doesn't sound nearly as poetic and beautiful as it does in the original but nevertheless I chose to call my little project Hopeful Ana based on those two factors.

I do not really have a game plan of where I see Hopeful Ana go in the future, I have things I wish to achieve and goals I am working towards but in general I will keep doing things that I enjoy and think that others might like as well!

For now I bid you goodbye, but please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question, I'll be happy to converse!

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